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Any developer or authority should have a strategy and master plan in place to ensure that their desired outcomes are achieved. SCP can help you to understand current transport and infrastructure policies and provide valuable input at an early stage to help develop transport strategies and master plans that meet your individual needs, whether these be social, economic or environmental. SCP cater for a wide range of public and private sector schemes across the country and our dedicated teams can give you advice and strategy on all transport and highway matters.

Site Master-planning

Help land developers plan how to layout and service a site to ensure the best return for the investment and outcomes from the developments by considering transport and infrastructure requirements at an early stage.

For Site Masterplanning input please contact SCP here.

A well-developed master plan allows for opportunities to be taken advantage of and any risks to be minimised and mitigated both before and throughout the construction phase, thus ensuring that the best value for your scheme is achieved.

SCP are highly experienced at site master-planning and regularly liaise with town planners, architects, landscape architects and developers to ensure that both non-motorised transport modes and vehicles are fully considered at the initial stage. SCP provide input on all infrastructure needs including highway layout, drainage strategy, flood risk assessments, site levels, utility investigations and all matters of phasing. Our involvement ensures efficiency in developing the site and minimises unavoidable costs and delays.

Site master-planning and the detailing of site levels is a complicated task which requires careful thought and consideration. This process requires a transport planner to provide layout and phasing advice and an engineer with capability to consider and manage the relationship between the geotechnical, structural, environmental and civil engineering disciplines.

SCP’s professionally qualified staff are able to offer sensible solutions to complicated site level problems. To do this SCP use the most up to date 3D modelling packages to review and present the data and results.

These services aim to minimise or mitigate the need for unnecessary earthworks and alterations to statutory undertaker services, which can be expensive, environmentally unfriendly and also programme heavy.

Highway and Drainage Layout Advice

Efficient Highway and Drainage design is essential for any development. A poor design can waste space, result in over engineered solutions and cost more than necessary.

SCP can give advice and ensure that the most efficient highway layout is reached according to the most up to date guidelines available for any site across the country.

At the site master-planning stage, SCP provide drainage strategies for buildings, highways and external areas. These strategies consider the hierarchical process set out in the Flood and Water Management Act to show that the solutions proposed are sustainable. These strategies are cost effective for client’s and use basic site data, levels, and outfall locations to define site viability.


For large phased developments proper master planning will ensure the works in the early phases accommodate future needs at the lowest cost.

If your scheme is split into more than one phase of delivery SCP can use a combination of services to analyse all known information and costings to provide advice on the most cost effective and efficient construction programme.

Transport Strategy

Support and advice on a wide range of transport issues, associated with planning for localities, sites or modes.

SCP can help Local Authorities and developers prepare evidence based transport strategies for individual modes of transport, all modes of transport, across a wide geographical range from individual sites through to whole Authority areas.

Public Transport Strategy/Support

Support and advice to help plan for, get the most from or make a case for public transport.

With experience at planning bus and rail services and strategy, SCP are ideally placed to advise on financial or strategic planning, operational matters or help negotiate enhancements. Support includes network planning, specification and procurement, concessionary negotiations, etc.

See examples of projects which we have worked on here.

Public and Stakeholder Consultation

Planning public and stakeholder engagement is important so that they can engage with transport matters which may affect them in a way that minimises risk and maximises benefits.

If you are applying for planning permission or proposing a new policy it is important to consider consultation events. A well-thought out consultation event could be the difference between your application/policy being successful or not.

SCP can plan, lead and deliver your public consultation events, using a range of techniques designed around the consultation you want and the outcome you are seeking.

SCP can lead or assist every step of the way, for example by providing consultation material, producing and analysing surveys tailored to each specific scheme, as well as providing experienced staff to deal with enquiries and make presentations to stakeholders.

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Driven By Desire

At SCP, we are driven by the desire to provide clients with better value and are committed to ensuring that we offer our clients the technical solutions they require to achieve their goals


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