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Infrastructure Design

SCP provide highway and drainage design services to support new or existing infrastructure.

Delivery of housing, employment and educational growth across the country requires the design, agreement to and construction of infrastructure. This infrastructure ranges from delivery of drainage, foul and surface, earthworks, utility diversions and supply, and new highway and altered junctions, supported by attractive public realm and essential on and off site measures to encourage use e.g. bus stops and foot/cycle ways.

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To deliver their infrastructure needs SCP offers our Clients a professional service, bringing innovative value-added ideas on the best way of progressing their schemes. This requires consideration of the most sustainable, buildable and cost effective whole of life solutions, solutions which consider how to reduce environmental impact. SCP offer the full range of technical services to allow Clients to achieve successful schemes within both programme and budget.

SCP pride ourselves with our ability to visualise and consider schemes differently to our competitors and this allows us to innovate and provide holistic solutions to our Client’s needs.

As a comprehensive service SCP offers support pre and post planning for design, contract-administration and site-supervision services for all types of highway projects nationwide. The feasibility and design skills within SCP supports design and tendering up to commencement of work on site. SCP have considerable experience in all aspects of infrastructure design and we can provide specialist advice at the outset of development proposals to enable clients to reach the most informed decision on the master-planning of a development site or the detailing of specific infrastructure for approval and construction.

Section 38 (S38) Agreements

Required when constructing a new road for residential, industrial or general purpose traffic in order for it to become a public highway maintainable at public expense.

SCP can guide you through the process by negotiating Section 38 Agreements with the Local Highway Authority and preparing appropriate plans to support the procedure.

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Section 278 (S278) Agreements

Required when carrying out work to existing public highways which are under the control of the Local Highway Authority.

SCP have extensive experience in preparing detailed design drawings for highway works and submitting them to the Local Highway Authority for technical approval. Following approval, SCP can also assist with preparation of contract documents, contractor procurement and site supervision.

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Highway Design

Designing roads, accesses and junctions for proposed developments, to accommodate extra traffic or address safety concerns.

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The design of adopted and unadopted highways is an essential service required to secure access to developments or to accommodate the impact of extra traffic. SCP can design and secure Local Authority approval of both new and upgraded highway infrastructure on a Local Authority network. This core service offer often compliments our other Civil Engineering services, giving our Clients a single point of contact and control.

SCP offer a service which supports the largest of infrastructure schemes for Major Trunk and Local Authority. SCP have significant professional experience within our teams to support schemes up to £40 million construction.

SCP also work more modest simple access designs through to minor junction improvement works.

SCP utilise the most current of 3D design packages and when working on more significant schemes we are comfortable working in a Building Information Modelling (BIM) environment with all base data included in the models.

Drainage Strategy and Design

Sustainable solutions and designs for all drainage systems.

At the site Master-planning stage SCP provide drainage strategies for buildings, highways and external areas.

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These strategies consider the hierarchical process set out in the Flood and Water Management Act to show that the solutions proposed are sustainable. These strategies are cost effective for client’s and use basic site data, levels, and outfall locations to define site viability.

Once planning is granted to assist in the discharge of planning conditions, SCP can design the drainage in detail, with an aim of securing sewer adoption under a Section 104 Agreement with the relevant adopting authority. These design solutions can include a surface and foul water collection and carrier system and/or a sustainable drainage design. Through SCP’s experience at working with numerous water authorities we appreciate the information they require.

SCP has specialist expertise with Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), which incorporates drainage and pavement solutions which assist developers deliver schemes which are sustainable and are in line with the Flood and Water Management Act.

Principal Designer

The Principal Designer is responsible for planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety matters while your development is in the pre-construction stage.

SCP recognise our Clients responsibilities under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) and SCP’s expertise allows us to understand the relationship between design, construction and long term-maintenance implications. SCP provide the full support our Clients need to successfully discharge their H&S requirement under CDM 2015.

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Flood Risk Assessment

A report which may be required to support a planning application to assess a developments impact on the areas drainage and provide mitigation if necessary.

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Flooding is a key national consideration for all schemes and depending on the size of a scheme either a Flood Risk Assessment or Flood Statement may be required to support the planning application. SCP can advise which of these is required and are very experienced at assessing all inland flood risks across a range of flood zones, including zone 3.

SCP regularly provides this service to developers of new sites and also to Local Lead Flood authorities when reviewing wider drainage networks and catchments.

SCP undertake Flood Risk Statements and Assessments for clients which comply with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The document requires planning authorities to be satisfied that proposed developments are justified and that the consequences of flooding are acceptable.

Along with Flood Risk Statements and Assessments, SCP also produce Surface Water and Foul Water Strategies and solutions that are compliant with the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act. SCP Drainage solutions are sustainable and aim to work with the environment to minimise and mitigate the impact of flooding.

Utilities Investigations

The construction of a development may affect existing underground services, these need to be identified and managed effectively.

Underground services such as gas, water, electricity, cable TV, telecoms etc. (known as utilities) can be a considerable cost or programme risk to any development, whether they be for utility diversion or new supplies. SCP can help clients understand what services currently exist, undertake feasibility design and manage works through to construction.

SCP will manage the diversion process for the client and coordinate utility providers to reduce risk of clashes and conflicts. This services minimises programme and delivery risks on the scheme and allows the contractor delivering the works to be more confident with their programming. To undertake these works SCP can arrange and coordinate ground penetrating radar, drainage and trial hole surveys (Vacuum Excavation), with their list of approved sub-contractors.

To use SCP’s comprehensive utility review and support service please contact us here.

Project Management

Active management of all project outcomes to ensure what is required is delivered to time and to budget.

Infrastructure requires careful planning, coordination and management. SCP have significant experience supporting Clients in delivery of infrastructure schemes.

SCP staff’s project management skills are recognised nationally through the PRINCE2 qualification, which also shows a commitment to staff development and investing in high quality management processes supporting the delivery of schemes. These processes provide Client delivery confidence against set goals including time and budget targets.

SCP are also strong when working in a “collaborative” way with other consultants, making the best use of the professional resources on schemes. SCP have the ability to engage with some of the best support services in the industry and bring these on board as required.

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Driven By Desire

At SCP, we are driven by the desire to provide clients with better value and are committed to ensuring that we offer our clients the technical solutions they require to achieve their goals


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