Following the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, SCP has adhered to Government advice, successfully delivered for our clients whilst home working in line with our practiced contingency plans and has maintained specific COVID-19 risk assessments for all aspects of our office and site work, to ensure the health, safety and welfare of everyone who falls under the duty of care of the company.

With a return to office based work in mind, our Office Risk Assessment has been updated in line with SCP’s Covid-19 Secure Statement, which confirms we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing risk of Covid19.

As we all now know, COVID-19 is a new disease which brings new hazards to people under SCP’s duty of care. This document assesses the risks associated with the disease and provides control measures to minimise the severity and likelihood of each hazard causing harm for people working in or visiting our offices.

SCP – Specific Covid 19 Office Risk Assessment

Through the process of creating this risk assessment SCP have engaged and consulted with our employees to be able to fully understand the hazards and measures, as employers, we can make to fully support our staff. Additionally the Health and Safety officer and representatives within each office have been in contact with the landlords and maintenance teams for the respective office suites in order to comply with their measures and include these same expectations within our individual assessments of the risks around Covid19.

SCP are keeping up with the government guidelines and therefore the risk assessments are live documents which will be reviewed at least monthly and updated in line with the evolving guidance from Government.