SCP are pleased to support Global Action plan’s Clean Air day 2020.

Like many other companies we’ve been required to work from home due to Covid-19, these last 6 months, however a positive outcome to this is the contribution to improving air pollution.

Choosing to have city offices in Manchester, Leeds and London, means SCP’s staff mostly use public transport or other active travel modes to commute. It is important we all do our bit to help cities have clean air and benefit everyone who lives and works there, including our own staff.

SCP are encouraging more flexible working in our workplace, this will allow staff;
• to work from home even post pandemic
• to have flexible working hours to avoid rush hour congestion and to ease caring responsibilities

We also support our clients through designing roads for all modes of travel and preparing Travel Plans.

At SCP we‘re mindful of the environment and the effect of clean air for everyone. But will you pledge to make clean air part of your business focus too?.