During the lockdown, following the Government guidelines, SCP have been mainly working from home. Since guidance and restrictions have started to be lifted, we have started to return to the office on a part time basis, and safely of course!

Although working remotely has been successful and this will influence how we work in the future, we believe there is no substitute to working alongside others, especially for our apprentices for whom training is an important part of the day.

All our offices have been prepared with the now commonly found measures to reduce the risk of Covid19, especially in areas prone to crowding e.g. the kitchen (we love a good brew at SCP).

Starting next week, we will be introducing a weekly team day in the office, this will vary between teams across the week to ensure that office capacity stays low. Some of us have been trialling days in the office for a few weeks now and have found it can be helpful in separating work/home life. A change is as good as a rest!