Travel Planning

Travel plans are a key way to reduce unnecessary car travel and encourage less car-dependent travel patterns. They help to make a site more accessible by all modes of transport.

We produce travel plans for a number of uses, including workplace, residential, healthcare, education and leisure sites, along with area-wide schemes. Whether you require a travel plan as part of the planning process or due to an on-site parking or access problem, we can develop a travel plan to meet your needs.

SCP is experienced at working closely with clients to develop strategies specifically designed to solve their transport needs. We don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach – we understand that each client and site has a unique requirement, and we’ll work closely with you to help you find viable, innovative solutions for your site.

If you need a transport strategy to help your site and also satisfy the local authority, our experienced staff will work on your behalf to support you in developing a site which is designed to go the distance.


Travel plans bring a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased tenant interest in sites, by expanding access opportunities to accommodate travel to the site by all modes of transport (30% of Greater Manchester residents do not have access to a car, 2011 Census, ONS);
  • Smoother traffic flow on the local road network leading to improved access for deliveries, maintenance and the daily operation of the site; travel plans are often requested to accompany planning applications for this reason, to assist in reducing peak-hour traffic generation;
  • More effective parking management and reduced parking demand, leading to cost savings in maintenance and security, plus a greater opportunity to use parking land for more productive purposes;
  • Improved site environmental performance and credentials including carbon, noise and air pollution reduction;
  • Provision of a greater range of commuting options for site users including active travel options, leading to staff cost savings, better management of time and health improvements;
  • Positive site reputation with local residents and neighbours.

We offer a range of services to support your travel planning needs and would be pleased to discuss any of these with you further.  Typical services include:

Travel plan production Travel plans are often requested during the planning process, to ensure that all available modes of transport are promoted to the end user. They can also be undertaken to assist with effective parking management, cut transport-related costs, reduce a site’s carbon footprint, and support relocation and premises expansion.

Our specialist staff have extensive experience in developing, implementing and monitoring travel plans for a range of sites, including workplace, education, healthcare, leisure and residential locations. Please call for an informal discussion about your travel plan needs; we’d be pleased to develop a programme to meet your requirements. Click here for more information.

Travel plan conditions: Travel plans are often conditioned through the planning process, and need to be discharged prior to the occupation of a development. Delay in travel plan implementation can lead to delay in occupying a development, whilst the travel plan details are negotiated and agreed with the planning authority.  Early commencement of travel plan implementation in the construction programme will prevent unnecessary and avoidable delay to first occupation of a development.

Our specialist staff have extensive experience in leading the travel planning process to successful discharge of conditions including negotiating the best deal with the planning authority for the client’s requirements.  Please call for an informal discussion about your planning conditions; we’d be pleased to develop a programme to meet your requirements. Click here for more information.

BREEAM and CEEQUAL travel plansBuilding Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) is an environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings; CEEQUAL is an assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering covering all infrastructure, landscaping and works in the public realm. Travel planning contributes towards both and can enhance the rating awarded. We have produced a number of such travel plans and would be pleased to discuss the requirements with you. Click here for more information.

Travel plan coordinator role / support: In order to ensure that a travel plan meets the targets set for use of sustainable modes of transport, it is important that a number of tasks are implemented. Travel plan-related tasks are usually delivered by a ‘travel plan coordinator’ (TPC). The TPC can be employed directly by the occupier, the managing agent, or tendered to a third party such as SCP. We act as TPC for a number of clients, and we would be pleased to discuss how best to tailor our input to meet your ongoing TPC requirements. Click here for more information.

Travel plan coordinator recruitment: If a permanent TPC role is required within your organisation, we would be pleased to assist in the recruitment process by drafting the job description, holding interviews, and delivering training. We can provide as much or as little support as you need – please call for an informal chat to see how we could assist you. Click here for more information.

Production of informative promotional materials: In order to ensure that all site users have the travel information they need, informative promotional materials should be provided in a clear, easy to understand format. Materials typically include welcome packs, ‘how to get to’ guides, mode-specific and map-based guides, and web content. We would be pleased to assist with the content and/or the design of any promotional materials you may need. Click here for more information.

Event assistance & site user engagement: We provide a range of support to deliver and promote a travel plan to site users, including running events and promotions, and providing personalised travel planning to assist with modification of travel patterns for your staff, residents or students. Please do let us know if you’d like us to arrange an event on your behalf or assist with one you’re organising! Click here for more information.

Steering group support: Steering groups bring together a number of interested parties to discuss and influence the future direction of a travel plan, covering monitoring, promotional activities and mterials. Steering groups are especially effective when encouraging staff, students, residents etc., to take ownership of a travel plan, so that it becomes part of a site culture and will therefore continue to be implemented over time. SCP would be pleased to support your steering group; from developing agendas to leading the meeting, our experienced staff are on hand to help. Click here for more information. 

Consultation and travel surveys: Consultation such as focus groups and travel surveys provides important feedback and guidance on the direction of the travel plan, to ensure it meets the needs of site users on an ongoing basis. Travel surveys are often conditioned as part of a planning-related travel plan and must be undertaken on an annual basis for the first 5 years of a site’s operation. We offer an online and paper-based travel survey and analysis capability and use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to map travel patterns. We additionally offer carbon-linked travel surveys and analysis, should you wish to monitor your transport-linked carbon footprint. Click here for more information. 

Negotiation arrangement: Travel plans bring together large groups of people to benefit from measures which facilitate travel change. This is made possible due to the number of people accommodated by a travel plan, with third parties more inclined to agree group discounts if the take-up is significant. We would be pleased to undertake negotiations on your behalf, with public transport operators, cycle shops, local taxis etc. to help your staff, residents or students on their regular daily journeys. Click here for more information. 

Monitoring: Monitoring reports are often a key component of a travel plan and summarise survey results and analysis, progression against objectives and targets, the success of measures, and any modifications to the travel plan for the future year. Monitoring reports are usually required for submission to the local authority on an annual basis, following site surveys. Please talk to our friendly, experienced team about the best ways to meet your ongoing travel planning requirements. Click here for more information. 

If you’d like more information or would like to discuss any of the listed services, or any other services get in touch