Transport Modelling

SCP are experts in both traditional and cutting-edge methods of junction and network modelling. While today’s congestion levels can typically be assessed using traditional methods, often the results of such assessments can be much more easily conveyed using the visual display qualities of micro-simulation.  Some more complex situations can also require more advance assessments to satisfy the concerns of the highway authorities.

SCP utilises the VISSIM micro-simulation tool to model a variety of situations from individual junctions to complex motorway intersections; from light-rail and bus interchanges to London Underground stations. VISSIM is equally adept at modelling pedestrian environments and schemes for cyclists.  The software can also employ dynamic assignment techniques to model route choice across wide-area networks.

The following video examples provide an indication of how powerful a tool VISSIM is in our hands. Our YouTube channel contains a more comprehensive library of the projects where we have successfully employed VISSIM.


The benefits of micro-simulation are clear:

  • Traffic flows, vehicle conflicts, queuing and delays are visualised in context;
  • Sensitivity and alternative scenario testing is simple to undertake;
  • Short video presentations are easily and quickly prepared and 3D models of the proposed development can be imported onto detailed background images from either aerial photos or CAD to enhance the realism of the presentation;
  • Results are therefore easily displayed at public consultations, planning committee meetings or public inquiries, and
  • The ability to present a scheme effectively to both expert and non-expert decision makers greatly speeds up the decision-making process

Download our modelling services sheet for information.

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