Renewables & Waste

Increasing demands on natural resources and has led to an increasing market in renewable energy, mineral extraction and waste processing. For example, energy companies are trying to benefit from renewable energy sources. We can offer our services in preparing solutions to access often isolated sites, particularly with abnormal loads in mind for transporting equipment to the site.

In the same way, minerals are usually extracted in isolated areas, while waste processing typically accounts for a large volume of HGV traffic being collected from a wide surrounding area. We can advise on the access solutions, including swept path assessments of large vehicles, and prepare transport reports to assess the impact of HGV traffic resulting from such proposals.

gasterminalTheddlethorpe Gas Terminal, Lincolnshire

Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal, located on the coast of Lincolnshire, north of Mablethorpe, processes around 10% of the UK’s gas supply from the North Sea.  The facility operates a Freon based refrigeration system, which needs to be replaced under EC regulations due to Freon being an ozone-depleting substance.  The replacement with a new propane-based system will require additional storage tanks, pipework and compressors, resulting in a construction period of around 3 years.

The proposals did not require a formal Environmental Statement, but an environmental type transport report was prepared to support a planning application to the local authority.  A Transport Statement was prepared to outline the impacts of construction traffic, while a Traffic Management Plan was also considered necessary to overcome concerns of the local Parish Councils.  This included a risk assessment of potential routes for use by construction traffic and implementation of a one-way route strategy.  Planning permission was secured following discussions with Lincolnshire County Council.

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  • Fleetwood Power Station

    SCP has advised a number of energy companies, preparing transport chapters of an Environmental Statement and Route Access Studies for construction traffic on a range of schemes. SCP was involved with a new £650m power station at Fleetwood, preparing wide area traffic models, a detailed Transport Assessment and Construction Travel Plan. SCP provided advice to Welsh Power in negotiations with the Highways Agency and Local Authority, integrated within an Area Action Plan.



  • ren3Offshore Wind Farm, Brighton

    SCP has advised E.ON in relation to their offshore wind farm near Brighton. The proposal forms part of Round 3 of the Crown Estate offerings, providing up to 200 turbines. SCP has been involved with the assessment of the onshore cable route, covering a 25km corridor, for construction access and details of infrastructure crossings. SCP produced a route access study for construction traffic and a transport chapter for the Environmental Statement.





  • Energy from Waste Plant, St Helens

    SCP prepared a Transport Assessment and input into an Environmental Assessment for a bio-energy plant capable of dealing with 200,000 tonnes of waste per annum. Our report detailed the number of movements expected from HGVs in and out of the site during operational hours.




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