Infrastructure Design

Post planning approval, SCP offer feasibility & comprehensive design, contract administration and site supervision services for highway projects nationwide. The design skills of SCP support design and tendering up to commencement of work on site.  At this point, SCP’s on site services provide support to clients through to the completion and handover of a scheme.

SCP has considerable experience in all aspects of highway and infrastructure design and we can provide specialist advice at the outset of development proposals to enable clients to reach the most informed decision on the master-planning of a development site or on the size, type and location of site access junctions.  SCP support clients through the complex processes of undertaking works on adopted highways or of seeking the adoption of new highways by the Local Authority.

Our preliminary design solutions will be integral to resolving highways issues during the planning process and to guaranteeing a project’s design and sustainability objectives. As designers, we recognise our responsibilities under the CDM regulations and our expertise allows us to understand the relationship between a design and its construction and long term-maintenance implications. The design team will always refer to the most up to date local and national design guidelines such as the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB), Manual for Streets (MfS) of Manual for Streets 2 (A Wider Application).

Our services range from small access designs to major junction improvements and link road design.  We strive to be innovative in both design and specification to achieve the most cost-effective solution capable of being provided to adoptable standards.  A brief summary of our services in this sector follows (download our Design services sheet for information):

Detailed Highway Design

SCP offer a BIM compliant detailed design service, helping to secure planning-condition discharge and technical approval for highway schemes with the Local Highway Authority.  All schemes are designed in accordance with Agreements under the Highways Act, Section 38 and Section 278.

Our highway engineers work as part of a full design team and can undertake all highway design and associated infrastructure design using the latest state-of-the-art 3D ground modelling and highway design software packages.  Using these allows us to model sites to accurately produce cut/fill volumes, contours, cross and long-sections as well as detailed setting out information.

Our experience covers a range of sizes from major road schemes to an individual site access for both public and private sites.  In support of the highway design service SCP also provide, kerbing, signing and lining information.

Drainage Design

Our design team also offers drainage design as part of the overall package of highway design.  Our drainage design service will help to secure sewer adoption under Section 104 Agreements with the relevant body.  These designs include surface water collection and carrier system and or sustainable drainage design.

SCP has specific expertise with permeable pavements, providing drainage and pavement solutions to assist developers in delivering schemes which are sustainable and in line with the Flood and Water Management Act.

Traffic Signal Design

SCP can review, manage and coordinate the complex process of traffic signal design.  This role utilises either nominated local-authority design teams or SCP partners to design the signal equipment specification.   The traffic signal design will be fully co-ordinated with the physical elements of the scheme.

Street Lighting Design

SCP can review manage and coordinate the complex process of street lighting design. This role utilises either nominated local authority design teams or SCP partners to design the Lighting equipment.  The Lighting design will be fully co-ordinated with the physical elements of the scheme.

Flood Risk Assessment

SCP can undertake Flood Risk Assessments which comply with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The document requires planning authorities to be satisfied that proposed developments are justified and that the consequences of flooding are acceptable.

The completion of an FRA is a mandatory requirement for schemes wishing to comply with Code for Sustainable Homes.  SCP can advise on the level of FRA required, whether it be level 1 screening, level 2 scoping, or a level 3 detailed study.  To find out more about Flood Risk Assessment, download our FRA information sheet here.

Along with a Flood Risk Assessment, SCP can also produce surface water design strategies and solutions that are compliant with the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act.  SCP Drainage solutions are sustainable and aim to work with the environment to minimise and mitigate the impact of flooding.

Utilities Investigations

SCP Utilities reviews can be provided at all stages of a development, with consideration and risk management of the impact of either service diversions or new supplies being taken in to account at feasibility stage of a scheme, through to construction.  SCP follow the formal processes set out in the service provider guidelines, or in line with the New Roads and Street Works Act.  These processes will provide clients with detailed information on cost, programming and risk of utility impacts.

Road Safety Audits (RSA)

SCP can undertake independent RSAs at appropriate stages of scheme development, design, implementation and operation.  A Stage 1 Road Safety Audit is generally undertaken at the planning stage where a new junction or fundamental highway improvements are proposed.  A Stage 2 Safety Audit will be carried out as part of the detailed design package and Stage 3 Safety Audits are carried out post-construction in order to identify any remediation necessary.  Stage 4 Safety Audits are carried out 12 months after the improvements have been operational. Our design team experts are qualified to audit highway schemes and we can offer this either as part of our overall design package or as a stand-alone service.

Scheme Costing

Through our experience of supervising tender processes, SCP hold an extensive database of costs for highway schemes.  These skills can be used to provide a breakdown of the cost implications of any scheme proposals from scheme feasibility through to completion of detailed design.

SCP provide advice to clients on maintenance and commuted sum costs associated with highway schemes.  These costs can be extensive and are often not clearly defined at an early stage by the Local Authority.

Site Support

SCP have technically qualified staff members who have a wide range of experience either supervising construction or in supporting clients through the delivery of their schemes.  This role can either be part or full time and we can work both as direct support for a client or as part of a Design and Build team.

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