Expert Witness

Our experienced staff have prepared and presented evidence at over 300 Planning Appeals for a wide range of development types. We have an enviable track record of helping our clients achieve their objectives and appear at planning appeals dealt with by Written Representations, Informal Hearing and Planning/ Public Inquiry.

We can also appear at other types of Inquiry including Local Development Frameworks, Compulsory Purchase Orders and Major Road Inquiries. Our thorough preparation of evidence and knowledge of planning and highway law has been rewarded with a high rate of successful outcomes.

Notable appeal successes have included the subject areas of:

  • Overcoming sustainability and accessibility objections
  • Travel plan issues
  • Visibility splay dimensions
  • Parking standards
  • Highway capacity/quantifying development traffic impact
  • Overcoming highway safety objections
  • HGV hours of operation and HGV impact
  • Relevance of anticipated illegal on-street car parking
  • Overcoming unreasonable transport fund contributions
  • Quantifying impact of ‘fallback’ position
  • Innovative highway design solutions
  • Access via unadopted streets

Download our Expert Witness services sheet for information.

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