Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015

CDM 2015

Following the changes in health and safety under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, SCP has completed the adaptation of our business to take on board and offer the Principal Designer role in construction projects. 

The aim of the new role under CDM 2015 is to simplify the roles and responsibilities for the client and replace the existing CDM Coordinator.

With the wealth of design experience SCP has in infrastructure projects involving highways, drainage, flooding and utilities, the new Principal Designer role is a good fit for the business and allows it to simplify the CDM requirements for existing and future clients.

In addition to the existing Infrastructure designer roles, SCP now offer the planning, managing, monitoring and coordination roles required by the regulations for infrastructure construction projects.

Importantly, SCP focus on identifying, eliminating or controlling foreseeable risks that can occur on almost every project.

Also, under a project management role, SCP provide a service to oversee and cooperate with the design team, create and distribute pre-construction information, prepare the health and safety file and communicate with the principal contractor.

If you would like to know more about the role of Principal Designer as client under CDM 2015, or discuss any other services that SCP offer, please contact Steven Carmody on 0161 832 4400 or email Steve Carmody


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