Appeal Decisions

Recent success at appeals

SCP continue to have success at planning appeals, dealing with highway and transportation issues to overcome refusal of planning permission. Recent success at planning appeals include the following:

Forge Works, Chinley, Derbyshire

Following a Public Inquiry, permission has been granted for 182 dwellings, business units and a creche on land formerly occupied by the Dorma bedding factory. A shared surface route for pedestrians and traffic between the site and the village was approved by the Inspector. It was agreed by the Inspector that the highway network could cope with the expected level of traffic from the site.

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Lightfoot Lane, Preston

SCP has helped to secure planning permission for 330 dwellings following a Public Inquiry which debated significant highway issues. SCP successfully argued that the highway network is capable of accommodating the development traffic ahead of strategic highway improvements being put in place by Lancashire County Council.

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Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire

SCP successfully argued at appeal that the constrained existing highway network would be capable of safely accommodating the development proposals comprising 9 detached dwellings.

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Whalley, Lancashire

SCP helped secure a planning permission for approximately 140 dwellings on a site off Mitton Road in the central Lancashire village of Whalley. The appeal debated the S106 contribution required to satisfactorily mitigate against the transport impact of the development. The key traffic and transport issues were all agreed with the Highway Authority in a Statement of Common Ground prior to the appeal.

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